Best books of 2016 that you should read this

If you are looking for an interesting and memorable book to read, we have something to offer you. Check the list of top 10 best-selling books of 2016 that are worth to read this year:

1. Innocent and others, Dana Spiotta

The writer decided to raise question of how reality and digital work affect people. Her book characters are two women Meadow and Carrie, who were friends from a childhood, become film-makers. Spiotta tells about women’s life and their way of creating films. Both have the same job but their view of sex, power, and way to make films are different. Their lives collide with another woman who seduces men on a phone through listening. Would you like to know how it changes women’s life?

2. Imagine me Gone, Adam Haslett

The story of love and loss will make you look at your life differently. This is the story about a woman Margaret and her husband John, whose mind goes into hibernation. The man needs to stay in the hospital. The whole family is affected by John’s health condition as long as they have three children. You may discover how one family can enjoy life as well as struggle with the tough problem.

3. Shirley Jackson: A rather haunted life, Ruth Franklin

The true story of a writer Shirley Jackson, her undiscovered correspondences and interviews were put in Franklin’s book. This is an amazing story about the writer, her childhood, marriage, and of course, her astonishing talent.

4. Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi

The writer reveals the story of two sisters that were separated by forces. One sister was sold into slavery, and the other married to a British slaver. Discover the destinies of two women on two different continents. This story will capture your breath and remind you of people, who were in captivity.

5. The unseen world, Liz Moore

Enjoy the story of a 12 year-old girl Ada and her single father David who heads a computer science lab in Boston University. When David starts suffering from Alzheimer, his colleague Diana becomes a guardian for his daughter. After some time, Diana discovers that David is not who he told her he was. At this time, Ada becomes involved into father’s work, revealing his past and origins.

6. Known and Strange Things, Teju Cole

The author of the book is a photography critic for New York Times magazine, who decided to write 55 essays and share his opinion about literature, politics that may become interesting for modern people to read.

7. Commonwealth, Ann Patchett

A great novel about four parents and six children spending time in Virginia. Their life start changing when children discover that their parents’ wonderful life is not that true. You may find this story inspirational and remind you of a responsibility that comes with any relationship.

8. Underground Airlines, Ben H Winters

A black man, who calls himself Victor, is working as a bounty hunter for US Marshall Service. Victor comes to Indianapolis following the trail of a Jackdaw a runaway. This novel gives readers an amazing opportunity to discover how a young man tracks a runaway and what comes his way during breaking the truth. You will find out breathtaking facts about America and its secrets.

9. The Sport of Kings, CE Morgan

The book tells a story about the oldest families in Kentucky – Forges, who were first horse breeders. Together, the father and the daughter have ambitions to carry the business. However, one day the ex prisoner come to work in the stables and soon the ugly and bloody history of the farm becomes known…

10. At the Existentialist Café, Sarah Bakewell

An interesting and curious story that reveals the conversation that happened between three men that drink apricot cocktails at the Bec-de-Gaz bar on the rue Montparnasse in Paris in 1933. The writer discusses being and freedom. If you are open to a new radical thinking, this book may become your favourite.