Best freelance websites to find full time or part time jobs online

Freelance is like a fashion. Especially young people want to work remotely because it has a lot of pros. It is convenient because you can travel, working without being bound to the place of residence. Millions of graduated students want to travel around countries or at least move abroad and experience different life styles. Freelance is a great opportunity to become independent and live by your own rules. There are unlimited offers for part time and full time jobs online. All you have to do is to know where to look for them.

We discovered freelance sites where you can start your future job right now. Want to look?

1. Upwork
The site was created back in 2014. There are 9 million of active users and almost 3 million of job offers that are posted every year. The service is similar to other freelance sites with similar options that help users to look for a job on the Internet. The site provides technical, and consultant jobs. Depending on your skills and experience, you will be able to select offers from companies all over the world and apply for desirable positions.

Upwork is one of the best services if you are searching for writing or designing job. The site is free to join. However, you will have to complete a profile and confirm it to look for appropriate job offers. Submit interesting proposals from employers. The employer may ask you for an interview. Arrange a call and try your best to pass the interview. Here every user can choose how to get paid: a set rate for a project or an amount per hour.

2. Freelancer
This is the biggest website for those who look for work as a freelancer. It counts 20 millions of users and 10 millions of job offers posted in a year. Here you can find pretty any job that exists. Create a free account and fill a profile. Based on your skills, the system will suggest you suitable offers. Review perspective companies where you may work one day and apply for a dream job.

Freelance offers users to apply for the desired job in three ways: bidding for a project, submitting in contests, and adding a service. Show off your best sides and use all knowledge you have to get a place at a company you want to cooperate with.

3. LinkedIn
This is one of the oldest and trustful professional networks with almost 400 million accounts and more than 100 million active users. To become a member is free of charge. Upload your CV, add your interests, and describe your skills. The site is not only for finding a part time or full time job but improving your skills and relationship with business partners.

If you have just started your career, LinkedIn may be a bit difficult for you to get a job. This service is mainly for people with a big experience, valid degree, and a decent portfolio to prove their valuable knowledge.

4. Behance
The site is a creation of Adobe. The service is for creative people, who can post their wonderful works, completed projects or projects that are still in progress. All users can follow each other, appreciate each other’s works, and share it to the other social network. If you do so, it will increase your reputation and help you to tell the world about your unique skills. Therefore, finding useful contacts will be much easier.

5. Toptal
If you are into software development, designing and programming which are the main directions now, this service is your opportunity to find a great job. Be prepared to pass 4-step interview. After you will have to apply to Toptal community and prove your skills, experience and practice. The service offers users to cooperate with the famous customers. Here you set the rate for your work. PayPal and Escrow are two payment systems that are used at the site.

Freelancing is the best way to work from your own place and develop your skills. Review each site and hopefully soon you will hear “Yes” from the employer in the company where you dream to work.