Dissertation writing tips

To write a dissertation paper you will need: material of research, publications in journals, computer, literature and the ability to express your thoughts properly and clearly. To start writing of a dissertation, you need to define the subject of writing work clearly. The Commission, before which you will defend your dissertation, draws special attention to the topic.

  • There are lots of interesting topics, but we understand that we don’t have methods of taking evidence, lack of equipment or organizational capacity in order to collect factual material. So a student and his scientific leader must clearly understand: what they are doing, taking such topic.
  • Have chosen a theme, a student must understand the essence of the proposed idea, its novelty and relevance, theoretical importance and practical significance. This greatly facilitates the evaluation and the final fixing of the chosen topic.
  • From the very beginning of the writing you should have a plan for the dissertation, which will be corrected for few times later. Scientific adviser helps to make a plan of the paper.
  • Studying of literature. Methods of actual selection of materials and compilation of literature review. Select literature sources. When reading the selected literature, make notes on one side of the sheet of standard format. In the sequel it will allow you to group the material in any order. There are two ways to obtain bibliographic information: to make order in a specialized information facility or search for your own.
  • There is a certain traditional composition of dissertation paper with the following main elements:
    • contents,
    • list of symbols,
    • introduction,
    • main body sections,
    • general conclusions,
    • bibliography,
    • attachments (if any),
    • auxiliary indicators.


Introduction is a very important part of the dissertation, because it contains all the necessary qualifying characteristics of the research. According to our observations the obligatory element of the introduction is determining the object and subject of research, the relevance of the topic and methods of research.

Main part

The methodology and technology of research and summarized results are examined in details in sections of the main part of the dissertation. All non-essential materials for solving scientific tasks are submitted to applications.

General conclusions

The general conclusions of the dissertation act as the ending which is conditioned by logic of conducted research in the form of synthesis in the body of accumulated scientific information.


It’s recommended to place references in order of their mentioning in the text by continuous numbering.