F.A.Q section

We work 24/7 to provide you a full information about our services. All our customers need to know certainly whom they entrust their works. As only in this case they can fully rely on our service. On this webpage you may find the most common facts which may be interesting for our customers.

Why do I have to trust your service?

It all about you to trust us or not but we are not newcomers in providing such service. We are experienced company that for years helps our customers with writing different texts. We provide them high quality service and always remain satisfied with us. You may read feedbacks of our members if you want.

What peculiarities do you have that distinguish you from another similar services?

We provide you an opportunity to communicate with your personal writer to develop your order. You can always look at the current status of accomplishing of your paper and you can also visit our office and talk to your writer by your own.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

You have an opportunity to cancel or change your order up to one week. So, think twice according all features and information according your order.

How can I get to know that payment transaction was successful?

After you filled in order form and have paid via credit card or in other way you will receive a notification that transaction is successful. You can also visit your personal page. In the information according to your order you can see all information about it and also about payment.

Is it possible to get my paper a little bit earlier than mentioned before deadline?

We have such issues and if you really need to get your paper earlier you have to talk to your personal writer and discuss it with him.

Is it possible that my order can be delayed?

Our company has a large team of writers, editors and other workers that allows your personal writer be occupied only with your order. It increases the efficiency of his writing and allows complete everything on time. If something may happened with a writer we can easily find someone to replace him. According to this we avoid any delays.

Is there any risk of using such services?

No, there is no risk of using our service and it’s quite safe. All your personal information keeps under the strict secret and no one can disclose it.

How can I be sure that my paper is out of plagiarism?

One of the keys to be the best among other such services is to avoid any plagiarism. Our writer always use only reliable and authentic sources for information. They deeply study it and only after that begin to write your order.

Every day we receive more and more question from our customers and members. In recent time you will see more them here.