The most attractive countries for students to travel

It is very important for the modern student to take a break for some time, forget about the boring reading and essay writing, and enjoy some unknown places. There are a lot of adventurous and economic places for an average student to visit. Just grab your gear, map, best friends and go!


It`s wonderful to start your journey here! Turkey is famous for its unique history and astonishing landscapes. It is a popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. This country is the bridge between Europe and Asia. Istanbul, which is the commercial capital of Turkey, will impress you with its cuisine and culture. Don`t forget to visit the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul Old Town, the Chora Church and the Hagia Sophia Museum.


Nepal is home of the Garden of Dreams and Mount Everest. Don`t miss the chance to visit Lumbini! Lord Buddha was born here 2500 years ago. It is considered to be a spiritual center. In Nepal`s commercial capital – Birgunj, you will be able to see Shankar Acharya Gate, clock tower and the Durga Temple.


The Mediterranean coastlines in Albania are really impressive. This country is an alternative to Italy or Greece and it is really cheaper to travel here. Visit Tirana, the capital of Albania, and enjoy its architecture and culture, which have been influenced by Rome, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire.


Here students can explore literally thousands of astonishing islands! On Sumba Island you will be able to enjoy exciting fishing, surfing, snorkeling or beachside yoga. You can read a book by the waterfall or enjoy the morning mist on Sumatra. Indonesia is really worth visiting!


Thailand is a wonderful holiday destination for the budget-conscious students. It is a tropical land, which can impress everyone with its world-class cuisine and rich culture. Thailand is proud of his architectural masterpieces and exotic islands. Visit Bangkok and don`t forget to try the famous Thai iced tea and the renowned street food.


Nicaragua is a budget-friendly country, where students can find a lot of interesting things to do. The volcanic lake Laguna de Apoyo in Masaya will impress you with its bright blue waters. Besides that, you can see the colonial buildings of Granada. This country is a perfect place for you to volunteer.

Costa Rica

Costa Pica is famous for its wonderful shorelines, active volcanoes, incredible biodiversity and natural hot springs. Of course, this holiday destination can be more expensive, but this country is really worth visiting! Corcovado National Park can impress you with its 500 different tree species. Just don`t forget to take your camera with you to capture all this rare natural beauty!


Peru is an amazing country, which is famous for its beaches, ruins and rainforests. It is a wonderful place for students to visit. Here you will definitely have the unforgettable and unpredictable adventures. You can party in the beach town of Mancora or hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. The local people do not speak English, so don`t forget to take the Spanish phrasebook with you.


India is famous for its miraculous sites. Here you can see everything from the beaches of Goa to the desert safaris and Himalayan Mountains. Students can find here many cheap places to travel. Just don `t forget to visit the city of Bollywood and the Taj Mahal.

Sri Lanka

This island will definitely impress a backpacker with its archeological sites, cultural centers and national parks. A student can do here on $20 a day! Just stay in cheap seaside cabanas or hostels, use public transport and eat at the local cafes.